Caught on camera: Kid steals package from neighbor's front porch

Caught on camera: Kid steals package from neighbor’s front porch


Caught on Camera: A neighbor shared security footage only with ABC 57 that showed a kid stealing a package right off his front porch while a woman watched from the sidewalk. Tuesday night brought a surprise twist.

An hour before Tuesday’s newscast, a man returned the contents of the homeowner’s package, saying the mother found out her son had stolen and requested this man return it for them.

Homeowner Joshua Overgaard says he still cannot believe the sequence of events these past couple days.

“I’m like what the f---. This is insane. Really? Really? I can’t believe this is happening. Also—wow that kid’s fast,” said Overgaard, as he described what was going through his mind the first time he played back his security footage.

That kid picked a package right off his porch Saturday.

He had ordered $20 worth of fertilizer from Amazon.

“Saturday, it didn’t get delivered like it was supposed to. I didn’t really notice until Monday, so I looked it up. Amazon said the package had been delivered at 11:17 a.m., and I thought that’s weird, maybe they delivered it to the wrong house,” said Overgaard.

The time stamp on the video reads 2017—04—29; 10:57 a.m.

Joshua says the camera is an hour behind, so the time would really be 11:57 a.m., less than an hour after Amazon says the package was delivered.

I thought--I got the security cameras, so I might as well check that to see if anything happened,” he said.

The reason he installed the cameras initially was because a couple years back, he had a package stolen at Christmas.

He decided in that moment that he would be better prepared the next time around.

“I saw the lady walk by, the kid walk by, going that way, and then they came back, and then they came back, and the kid ran over here, grabbed it, and was gone,” said Overgaard, describing the security footage.

Joshua says maybe his security camera helped him get his package back, so he encourages all his Near Northwest neighbors to purchase one of their own.

His only cost $80, and he says, clearly, it’s worth it.

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