Caught on tape: Florida bus attendant bites and puts child in a full nelson

LAKELAND, Fla. -- A Florida school bus attendant is out of a job and facing child abuse charges after a confrontation with a student on her bus. It was all caught on camera!

Bus Driver: "Yvonne, he didn't mean to do that."
Student: "Let the f*** go of me."
Bus Driver: "He didn't mean to do it."
Bus Attendant: "Yes, he did."
Bus Driver: "No, he didn’t. He was just...Yvonne."
Student: "Get the f*** off of me. If you hit me one more f****** time I’m going to f*** with your…”

The video shows Branch biting the boy twice. After more than a minute, she forces him off of the bus in a full nelson hold.

Branch has resigned.

Branch's attorney says the child has had some emotional issues.

The boy also admitted to routinely cursing at Branch. She considered him a “dangerous bully.”

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