CDC guidelines cause concern that unvaccinated people will go maskless

NOW: CDC guidelines cause concern that unvaccinated people will go maskless

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- With the CDC and local governments easing COVID restrictions and protocols for those who have gotten their vaccines, there is concern that the unvaccinated population will take advantage of those benefits too. St. Joseph County has already lifted its mask mandate for those who are vaccinated but is encouraging those who are not to still wear masks, especially indoors.

Many people who are fully vaccinated are still choosing to wear masks. 

"I think that overtime it will feel more normal for people to be maskless but it’s a little soon for indoor stuff for me," said Kate Bockholt, a fully vaccinated Notre Dame student.

Others don't trust that everyone who is ditching their mask is actually vaccinated. 

"Honestly I think the people not wearing masks before are the same people not wearing them now. Anybody can be vaccinated now obviously because there are so many vaccines available but it is a concern, people not wearing them without it," said Jacob Brewer.

However, they are hopeful that these newest guidelines will serve as an incentive for more people to get their shots.

"I feel like it’s really soon to do it and people are still getting vaccinated," said Keely Thorton, another fully vaccinated Notre Dame student. "We were really lucky to get our vaccines early but I feel like it just opened up to 18 and older so I kind of want to wait for people to get their second dose."

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