Celebrating National Gardening Day with gardening tips from Ginger Valley Garden Center

GRANGER, Ind., --Can you be-leaf it! April 14 is National Gardening Day.

The day celebrates gardening and encourages gardeners to share their sage advice to beginners.

Michiana native, Greg Leyes at Ginger Valley, has gardened for more than 50 years. He recalled early memories of gardening with his grandparents who traveled to the US from Germany back in 1901.

Leyes graciously offered advice with his decades of experience.

Because of the cold temperatures this spring, Leyes recommended that gardeners plant cold-weather vegetables now, like root vegetables and bean plants. One common mistake people make is planting a vegetable too early.

Tomatoes and basil, are great to start indoors. Growers will have to wait another month to get those plants outside.

“Usually we say after Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day is really early this year. We’re saying, ‘play it by ear.’ You don’t want to have it any time the temperature is below about 45 for these delicate vegetables,” said Leyes.

He also recommends a frost blanket to cover and protect your seeds in cold temperatures.

Vegetables in the brassica family, which includes Brussel sprouts and broccoli, need cool weather and a root stimulator. Potatoes, onions, rhubarb and asparagus are great to plant this time of year.

Our food needs food too, garden-special fertilizer feeds the plants with much-needed nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Spring flowering bulbs, like the hyacinth and daffodil are typically planted in the fall; however, these flowers thrive in cold weather.

Leyes reminded gardeners to be aware of flower care when purchasing.

“They’re putting them in the wrong spot as far as not enough sun. Most of these need sun. [The hellebores] is a different one, this one needs shade. But we’ve got you covered on that too," warned Leyes.

The entire staff at Ginger Valley is knowledgeable on plant care and can help you through your plant’s growth.

In celebration of National Gardening Day, Ginger Valley Garden Center is giving out free seeds when you visit the store Thursday.

National Gardening Day began in 2018 by Cool Springs Press, according to the National Today website.

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