Center for the Homeless in critical need of donations

The winter months and below freezing temperatures are just around the corner and the Center for the Homeless says it is running critically low on supplies.

Taya Groover, Chief Development Officer with the Center of the Homeless says they are getting prepared to help more families. 

“We do not want to lose anyone in the community to cold weather.”

Starting November 1st, Groover is expecting to see, “well over 200 people, not to mention the people who may just come in to get socks or gloves or hats to stay warm.”

Groover let Abc 57 News into the Center's supply closet and it was clear some supplies were dangerously low.

“We are always in need of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and going in to the cold winter months, hats, gloves, jackets, we need blankets, towels, wash cloths,” and Groover says the need does not stop there.

“As we are taking in additional people it also increases our expenses for food costs.”

Groover says now more than ever, the Center is depending on people like Kirsten Hoskins, who works at Sams Club.

“They are goods that we can't sell at Sams Club so we donate them to the Center for the Homeless and make sure that they are put to good use.”

Hoskins says she unloads goods at the Center on a monthly basis.

“It is a rough time in their lives and that somebody gave them a leg up is a big deal.”

The Center for the Homeless says if you have any items at all, and especially winter clothing items, you can drop them off at the front desk anytime.
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