Century Center shooting victim, "Last night I thought it was my last."

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The young woman that was shot last night at the Century Center downtown during Swagger Fest is assuring friends on Facebook Sunday that she is okay.

"I just got out of surgery, I'm ohk," SyMone Berry posted.

Friends of Berry's told ABC 57 news that she was running after hearing the first gunshot and was hit in the neck by the second bullet.

"It's a scarey feeling to think you are about to die but i thank god he didn't let it happen," Berry posted.

A man was also shot as gunshots rang out inside the Century Center around 11:30 p.m. A teen dance for those under 21 was going on at the time.

Sources close to the investigation told ABC 57 News that the male, who hasn't been identified was 20-years-old. His medical condition and where he was shot is unknown.

No suspects have been named in connection to the double shooting.

" Dear god, my mom doesn't have to plan a funeral nd my friends nd family don't have to say r.i.p. symone berry. last night i thought it was my last but you didn't let that happen and i can't thank you enough," Berry posted.

ABC 57's Jessie McDonough is working on this story for us today. We will have a live report coming up for you at 6:30 p.m. Stay with ABC 57 News for instant updates.

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