Ceremony honors Indiana troopers killed on Toll Road


It was a special ceremony to honor fallen law enforcement.

Troopers David Teuter and Richard Gaston were killed after they were hit by semi-trucks.

Teuter died in 1998 and Gaston, in 1999.

Wednesday, Indiana State Police held a memorial in Bristol to pay their respects.

The toll road also honored one of its workers, Dan Miller. He was hit and killed while working on the road in 2012.

"The troopers and the highway worker that we are remembering here, I worked with, and it is something, the families have always said I just don’t want them to be forgotten. This is the best way I could think of to honor them and perpetuate their memory,” said Nora Werner, ISP sergeant.

Two memorial signs, dedicated to the troopers, were hung up where they died.

Because of their deaths, ISP wants everyone to slow down on the toll road.

"We just have to slow down and pay attention and watch your speed and watch everybody else that's out there,” added Werner. 

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