Changes come to how Indiana Reports deaths suspected to be due to an Opioid overdose

Governor Holcomb Signed a bill on Thursday That Will Change the reporting of deaths in Indiana.

The new law that came from the state will have county coroners get relevant information

By testing bodily fluids from the person, and testing them for different drugs, that will be reporting to the state department of health for cases suspected to be an overdose.

Coroners will also have to check Indiana's state inspection database to see if the person had a legal prescription for the drug

Authors of the bill say that this legislation will help them make more informed decisions.

ST Joe County Coroner Michael McGann says his office has already began to make changes.

"A lot of the reports we have seen from the past were coming out with drug toxicity which is a lot of times the way it will come back from a pathologist. If you do an autopsy on someone it will come back and say multiple drug toxicity we break them down and we have since day number one" Says St. Joe County Coroner Michael McGann.

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