Changes in diet coming to those who had Covid-19

NOW: Changes in diet coming to those who had Covid-19


ELKHART, Ind. --- Medical experts have mentioned 86% of Covid patients saw a loss in taste or smell, only for it to return differently than before. 

“Wear y’all mask and take this serious cause like, it’s no joke, I used to be one of those guys that didn’t wear his mask and caught it, I wear my mask everywhere, like everywhere,” said Sam Robinson. 

The most known symptom of Covid-19 is the loss of taste and smell, as the virus hones in and disrupts the nose pathway, causing many to experience differences in how food and beverages taste. 

“Well going through it was absolutely horrible, you can’t smell, you can’t taste anything, so everything you can eat just tastes so different,” said Robinson. 

With some residents picking up additional streams of smell after they have recovered from the virus.

“In the house, I can literally smell the trash if I’m in the living room, I can just pick up extra stuff that I couldn’t pick up before. Like I can smell multiple things at once so that was something different,” said Robinson. 

And as some see their sense of smell increase, others are stripped of their ability to smell at all. 

“I did lose sense of smell though and Um that hasn’t really come back, that I’ve noticed, it’s come back a little bit but not like it was. I used to have a strong sense of smell but now I don’t,” said David Derrickson.

With a lack of smell, affecting taste senses, food for many just is not the same, and may never be.

“During that hospital stay that’s when I was noticing, because they would bring me food, And I couldn’t smell it, it was like this is suppose to be mashed potatoes but it don’t smell like no mashed potatoes,” said Derrickson.

For many, personal favorites, are unfortunately a thing of the past. 

“Pop, I used to love Mountain Dew, and that doesn’t taste quite as good as it used it, and water starting tasting funny when I started drinking it,” said Derrickson. 

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