Charity in need of winter clothes

A clothing pantry in Edwardsburg is in desperate need of coats and warm boots for children during this cold snap. God's Wearhouse in Edwardsburg provides free winter clothes to folks in need. 

The clothing boutique is located on M62 in downtown Edwardsburg. Volunteers said it's rewarding to work there.

Sandra Kluskowski said, “it's touching when a parent comes in here and they need something for their child and they are just in tears. And they think it's going to cost them so much money. But when you tell them that it's free, that's amazing to them.”

Sandra Klusowski supervises God's Wearhouse. She says that they rely on donations to survive.

Kluskowski said, “right now we are actually out of gloves. We do have a little bit of hats; we do need boots, coats, and snow pants. There are children with no coats, there are children with no boots, so we've been trying to hurry up and find them some for school.”

Danielle Neddeau is a shopper who visits the clothing pantry several times a month. She says God's Wearhouse is a god send for her family.

Neddeau said, “When you don't have coats and stuff, it keeps you warm. I come here to get socks a lot.”

Neddeau nabbed a coat to keep her warm on Wednesday. She said she drops off items to help others too.

Neddeau said, “I always bring stuff here to donate. They help me all the time and i help them out and i like helping!”

Neddeau is having trouble finding boots for herself that aren't too expensive.

Neddeau, said, “Boots are like $60 or $70 now. My daughter's were $30 and that's the cheapest pair there is now!”

If you need to shop yourself or want to donate, you can visit God's Wearhouse on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9-12:30. They also have a request book in case you can't find what you need.

The main items they need this November are coats for children, boots in all sizes, and gloves.

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