Chase Plastics expands in northwest South Bend

A $6 million investment on South Bend's northwest side could make a big impact on the city.

The old Chet Wagner farm will be the future site of Chase Plastics, a 125,000 square foot producer of thermal plastic resins.

Although the number of jobs it will create is low at only 13, community investment leaders believes this is a company that will make South Bend's spot on the map even bigger.

This will be a brand new manufacturing center for the family-owned company with roots already planted in South Bend.

“We're really excited to see them expanding here in the area,” says Chris Fielding, Director of Business Development for South Bend.

Fielding believes this pocket of South Bend is perfect for industrial businesses because of its close proximity to major roadways.

“For a distribution center whose main goal is trucking products in and out, the closer they are to an on-ramp, the better,” says Fielding.

Fielding says this project will be one for all of Michiana to watch.

“As you see in most of South Bend right now, it continues the momentum,” says Fielding.

Momentum, meaning the more these companies expand, the more they attract other CEO's, company owners, and entrepreneurs to set up shop in South Bend, ultimately bringing more money into the community.

“Simply helping the community pay it's bills,” says Fielding.

The construction phase for the Chase Plastics addition will be completed by the end of the year.

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