Cheers Pub introduces new security measures after deadly shooting

NOW: Cheers Pub introduces new security measures after deadly shooting


ROSELAND, Ind. --- Cheers Pub is introducing new security measures after a deadly shooting late last year.

The fatal incident which police say was caused by fighting — is one of several instances officers were called to the popular late night spot over the past year.

Some customers are frustrated they can no longer bar hop, but overall they understand it’s all with the goal of keeping everyone safe.

“It makes you think twice about going out. Definitely it makes you pause when you understand that you know an area so close to campus can be so unsafe," said Luisana Gonzalez, a Junior at Notre Dame.

Going out is one of the biggest parts of the college experience, but for some students last semester, a night out at Cheers turned into a deadly experience.

Now owners are implementing new security policies to prevent another one from happening.

“I mean once you get a certain distance off campus it might be a bit unnecessary, but I do think in light of the shootings and just having just trying to encourage a safe environment I wouldn’t necessarily be against that," said Gonzalez.

Bryan Robertson who owns a business just two doors down from Cheers says violence hasn’t been common enough for him to feel its necessary.

“I just think it was a fluke just you know kind of a one-off incident that just happened to happen. Every time that I’m there I feel very safe," said Robertson, Owner of Fat Cap Smoked Meats.

Despite mixed feelings over the new security measures which include scanning ids, no in-and-out privileges, and metal detector checks — Robertson says he knows owners are just doing their best to keep the community safe.

“They’ve been great business owners and we respect them a lot and look forward to them continuing to do business down the street," said Robertson.

Other updates to the security measures include no weapons or drugs and smoking only on the back deck.

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