Chicago Cubs games to air on WMYS & CW25

The Chicago Cubs' games will be aired this season on WMYS and CW25

WMYS is available over the air on digital channel 69.1. You can also see it on channel 15 on Comcast, or channel 69 on DISH and AT&T Uverse.

CW25 is available over the air on digital channel 25.1. You can also see it on channel 5 on Comcast and Mediacom, channel 25 on Dish, Direct, AT&T Uverse, and channel 12 on Rochester Telephone Cable.

Here is the air schedule:

Date Time Visitor Home
4-Apr 10pm Cubs  Angels
8-Apr 9:30pm Cubs  Diamondbacks
10-Apr 4pm Cubs  Diamondbacks
11-Apr 8pm Reds Cubs
17-Apr 2pm Rockies Cubs
18-Apr 8pm Cubs  Cardinals
22-Apr 7pm Cubs  Reds
24-Apr 1pm Cubs  Reds
27-Apr 8pm Brewers Cubs
30-Apr 2pm Braves Cubs
1-May 2pm Braves Cubs
3-May 7pm Cubs  Pirates
8-May 2pm Nationals Cubs
10-May 8pm Padres Cubs
13-May 2pm Pirates Cubs
14-May 2pm Pirates Cubs
18-May 8pm Cubs  Brewers
20-May 10pm Cubs  Giants
25-May (on CW25) 1:30pm Cubs  Cardinals
28-May (on CW25) 2pm Phillies Cubs
29-May 2pm Phillies Cubs
30-May 3pm Dodgers Cubs
31-May 8pm Dodgers Cubs
4-Jun 2pm Diamondbacks Cubs
7-Jun 7pm Cubs  Phillies
12-Jun 130pm Cubs  Braves
14-Jun 7pm Cubs  Nationals
15-Jun 4pm Cubs  Nationals
17-Jun 2pm Pirates Cubs
21-Jun 8pm Cardinals Cubs
22-Jun 2pm Cardinals Cubs
25-Jun 4pm Cubs  Miami
26-Jun (on CW25) 1pm Cubs  Miami
27-Jun 7pm Cubs  Reds
29-Jun 12:30pm Cubs  Reds
1-Jul 7pm Cubs  Mets
3-Jul 11am Cubs Mets
4-Jul 2pm Reds Cubs
10-Jul 1:30pm Cubs  Pirates
16-Jul 2pm Rangers Cubs
17-Jul 2pm Rangers Cubs
18-Jul 8pm Mets Cubs
20-Jul 2pm Mets Cubs
23-Jul 7pm Cubs  Brewers
24-Jul (on CW25) 2pm Cubs  Brewers
25-Jul 8pm Cubs  White Sox
27-Jul 8pm White Sox Cubs
1-Aug 8pm Miami Cubs
7-Aug 4pm Cubs  Athletics
9-Aug 8pm Angels Cubs
12-Aug 2pm Cardinals Cubs
13-Aug 2pm Cardinals Cubs
16-Aug 8pm Brewers Cubs
21-Aug 4pm Cubs  Rockies
24-Aug 3:30pm Cubs  Padres
26-Aug 10pm Cubs  Dodgers
27-Aug 4pm Cubs  Dodgers
30-Aug 8pm Pirates Cubs
2-Sep 2pm Giants Cubs
4-Sep 2pm Giants Cubs
5-Sep 1pm Cubs  Brewers
9-Sep 8pm Cubs  Astros
13-Sep 8pm Cubs  Cardinals
14-Sep 1:30pm Cubs  Cardinals
17-Sep 4pm Brewers Cubs
18-Sep 2pm Brewers Cubs
21-Sep 8pm Reds Cubs
23-Sep 2pm Cardinals Cubs
29-Sep 7pm Cubs  Pirates
2-Oct 3pm Cubs  Reds
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