Chili’s takes action after security data breach

NOW: Chili’s takes action after security data breach


Customers who enjoyed Chili’s on May 11th did not enjoy learning of the data breach some locations fell victim to.

Several Chili’s restaurants were infected with some sort of Malware program that gathered credit card information from customers who paid with card.

After investigation, the credit card information was believed to be compromised at visits between March and April.

Fortunately for Chili’s go-ers, the restaurant does not gather social security numbers, date of births, federal or state ID numbers, so they were not compromised.

Chili’s is working with law enforcement and a third-party forensic team to figure out the nature and scope of the incident.

To ease victims of the fraudulent actions, MyIDCare has teamed up with the chain to give guests:

  • 12 months of credit monitoring
  • $1,000,000 insurance reimbursement policy
  • Exclusive educational material
  • Fully managed identity theft recovery services

To access MyIDCare’s assistance, guests can call (888) 710-8606 or click here. 

Chili’s would like to inform their guests that if they ate a Chili’s in March to April 2018, their information was not necessarily compromised. Chili's confirms no restaurants in Michiana were affected by the data breach.

If you think your information was gathered, put a security freeze on your account, use a credit-reporting agency, contact the Federal Trade Commission. 

This security breach is an ongoing investigation, but Chili’s has setup a website for their guests to stay up-to-date, click here to access the news data information.

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