Christmas Eve shopping madness

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – On Christmas Eve, many people in Michiana were still out and about picking up last-minute presents for their family, which means it is pretty hard to get around if you are anywhere near a shopping mall.

People were piling in Best Buy Monday night for some last-minute Christmas shopping.

“Cause I forgot to do it until now,” said a customer.

But the search for that perfect holiday gift wasn’t an easy one, especially with bumper to bumper traffic, packed parking lots and long checkout lines.

“It’s been packed from here all the way down to Halloween City,” said Best Buy employee Jessie Lott.

Some folks even told me Christmas Eve shopping reminded them of the holy day of shopping.

“It felt like it was Black Friday all over again,” said Lott.

But some customers said they did not mind all the hustle and bustle, because they snagged some good deals on their last-minute Christmas gifts.

“It is better to buy late because of the discounts,” said a customer.

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