How neighborhoods are helping their communities through holiday lights

NOW: How neighborhoods are helping their communities through holiday lights


GRANGER, Ind. -- “A little cheer and a little light goes a long way it is truly amazing what our neighbors have done for the community,” says Mike Oliva, resident of Winding Brook.

Mike Oliva has been a resident of Granger for 57 years, 23 of which have been in Winding Brook.

You can find his entire family, including his own parents, in the subdivision, too. For the Oliva’s Winding Brook means more than family.

“Different tragedies in our life make us step up and do the right thing, this is the right thing, it is the most wonderful time to give back to our community.”

Every holiday season, the residents of winding brook decorate their homes to get into the holiday spirit. Then, members of the community drive through the magical pathway. The lights are to spread a little joy and raise money for a variety of charities in the area.

But our journey of Christmas lights did not stop there…. A home unlike any other!

“We have been doing this Christmas display for 7 years, it all started when my daughter Adeline was 2 she drew the original blueprints and from there it got crazier, crazier, and crazier,” says Phil Blasko, resident of Felicity Gardens.  

Phil Blasko and his family sure do know Christmas! The family of 5 go all out every year with the most elaborate display of holiday cheer.

“Every year we start putting up decorations on November 1st, and we are actually just down in the basement still working on stuff, we are never really completely done, we have a lot more we want to get out but we are running out of times and days!”

And yes, Adeline still gets behind the drawing board to make it all happen!

“Yes, but this year my baby sister tore it up,” says Adeline. “Yes we have a one year old who is sleeping right now who might have torn it so we winged it but I think we did an alright job.”

And while the process has its perks, the display means something too. The Blasko’s accept donations of winter gear to take to the center for the homeless from all who pass through.

Giving back, and providing smiles, makes their months of decorating all the more worth it.  

 “I enjoy it and it is fun to see the smile as people go by,” says Adeline.  

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