Christmas Tree prices increase

As the holidays near many families will head to local farms to find the perfect Christmas tree. But nationwide the price of trees has increased this year.

The state of Michigan is the third largest distributor of Christmas trees nationwide, and at Pinecrest Farms in Galien they have Scotch Pine, Douglas Fir, and many more.

That's because Michigan is a good place to grow most trees. The cold climate is better for Christmas trees than the warm climate.  

But Christmas trees aren't the only things growing at this farm. The prices for those trees are climbing as well.

One of the reasons Richard Soper, the owner of Pinecrest Farms, says this is because "cost of production keeps going up... Cost of seedlings went up quite a bit this year." 

Nationally, people seeking real trees this season could see an increase in prices of $8-$10 per foot. But in Michigan prices are only being raised by a dollar or so per foot.
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