Chuck E. Cheese travesty: Brawl breaks out at child's birthday party

SOUTHGATE, Mich. -- A child's birthday party ended in a brawl at a Michigan Chuck E. Cheese.

The Olschanski Family threw a birthday party on Saturday near Detroit.

They claim that the party next to then was out of control, and even stole birthday favors off of their table.

When the family asked them to stop, they say they were attacked!

"I just started getting blasted!  I got hit on this side of the head, hit on the side of the head," recounted Carol Brown, the grandmother.

"I saw my Grandma go in the ambulance," said 5-year-old Steve Olschanski.

Police arrested Steven Olschanski, Sr., for disorderly conduct.  They say he was the only one making a scene when they got there.

The family wants answers from Chuck E. Cheese.  They say the other party got away with assault!

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