Citations could be issued if people aren't keeping up with snow on their properties

NOW: Citations could be issued if people aren’t keeping up with snow on their properties

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- People put their shovels and plows to work after the heavy snowfall. Although snow trucks are handling street cleaning, residents must clear the snow from sidewalks in front of their homes.

If homeowners and businesses don’t upkeep their properties, they could be fined by the city.

Joseph Molnar, City of South Bend Ordinance Violations Clerk, said they put these rules in place to keep people safe.

“Residents have 24-hours to clear their snow from the sidewalk,” said Molnar. "The purpose is to make sure people walking and children going to school can get through their neighborhoods safely, without having to trek through a foot of snow in dangerous conditions.”

Molnar said he knows it’s hard for home and business owners to get snow cleared up but it could prevent accidents where a lot of people are walking around.

“Especially for any homes near schools or any facilities people generally walk to,” said Molnar. “If you’re in a wheelchair and have another type of disability walking can already be kind of difficult enough.”

Molnar said the city doesn’t want to give tickets out, but for people that rarely shovel their snow, they will be fined $35.

“Usually it’s the 24-hour limit,” said Molnar. "But typically, if it’s like day two or day three and there’s still a foot of snow and you didn’t shovel at all throughout the whole process.”

For people that are unable to clear up their sidewalks under varying circumstances, Molnar said the city can work with them. People can call the city or appeal the citation in the office and or online.

UPDATE: After this story aired, the South Bend City Clerk posted on Twitter the city wouldn't be issuing citations during the extreme cold. Once the temperatures are no longer dangerous, residents are asked to remove any snow from the sidewalk.

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