City honors activists for public service

NOW: City honors activists for public service

Tonight activists, community officials and numerous organizations were honored by the city.

“0919 a proclamation honoring local activists for their contribution to the south bend community,” read Regina Williams-Preston from the proclamation.

Council woman Regina Williams-Preston honored 17 groups and many individuals who helped lead the city in bettering housing, education and peace building.

The council woman said, “Tonight is really about lifting up those people who are behind the scenes and don’t always get that kind of recognition.”

One of these groups was the Black Lives Matter movement who has been working diligently to validate and liberate the black community— members say recognition like this validates years of hard work.

Member Igor Rodriguez said, “It really does matter it makes people feel good to know that when you get recognized it’s energizing and makes you feel momentum.”

Another group honored --- the Swella’s Ville Community Development working to redevelop the community through economic revitalization— and founder, Consuella Hopkins says the honor is wonderful but the celebration tonight is the real blessing.

“When a community of all races, backgrounds, faces, shapes, come together and support one another and just get in there and start working together this is what it looks like.”

And tonight is also a night for many to pause and reflect on change made, seen and felt here in south bend. For council woman Williams-Preston, it marks the end of an era as she finishes her 4 years on the council.

“It’s exciting it’s really a relief to know that i had an opportunity to serve in a way that i never would have thought.”

As she gets ready to focus on her full time job— she was happy to be with her community to finish out the year. But she says there are many things to look forward to, “I am so excited about mayor elect James Mueller and the new administration that will be coming in.”

Consuella Hopkins said, “Were very optimistic that those coming in are still going to help make sure that we move south bend forward.”

And Igor Rodriguez said, “Were looking for a productive dialogue real honest conversations to move toward actual policy and solutions.”

But there are still things on their new year’s wish lists.

Regina Williams-Preston said, “Creating that civilian oversight committee.”

Which would be used to help oversee government activities. But while things still need to be done, tonight was to reflect on the great strides that have been made.

Regina Williams-Preston said, “Change that people can see, touch and feel.

And to look on to a brighter future.

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