City joins search for missing Benton Harbor man

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. --Timothy "Bulldog" Allen has been missing for 41 days now. The Benton Harbor man was last seen November 9Th near Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Since Allen's disappearance his family has been relentless in their search for him, but Tuesday the family got a welcomed surprise. Members from the city commissioners' office are stepping up to lend a hand.


City commissioners joined the fight by providing yellow ribbons to hang up along side posters.


Allen has been missing for over a month now. With no leads and no explanation as to why, family members like Charon Allen are growing more disheartened each day.



"Frustrating, I don't even know if that is the word for us at this point. We're frustrated though, but we aren't quitting," says Allen's sister-in-law Charon Allen.


The family says some of the frustration comes from feeling alone in their efforts. They say police have not been as active as the first were, which is why the family hit the streets again last Saturday.


This time it was with the help of the non-profit organization Missing Youth Foundation. Cadaver dogs were brought in by the group to search the areas around Lakeland Hospital, the last place Bulldog was seen.



"He is not an animal and he is not a criminal. He is a father, a brother, an in-law, a human being".


Allen says it is their family that gives them hope and strength and now they are getting a little help from the city commissioners.


The family was given yellow ribbons, along with a promise to laminate posters and help the family hang them throughout the community.


It is something the family is very grateful for, but says can only comfort them so much through these long, sleepless nights.


"With death you have closure, but this is death everyday with no closure".


The family says they are just looking for some peace of mind and continue to pray for Bulldog's safe return, but they say they cannot do it alone.


The family has set up an account through Bank of America for accepting donations and are also looking for help hanging the yellow ribbons and posters once they are finished being made.


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