City leaders join community members to honor the legacy of MLK

NOW: City leaders join community members to honor the legacy of MLK

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Millions of Americans honored the legacy of Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., including folks in Michiana.

The city's larger annual event at the Century Center got postponed over COVID concerns, but the community still commemorating the annual holiday.

City leaders, Mayor James Mueller, and community members joined together in song at the St. Joseph County City building Monday, then walled arm and arm for the 36th annual march to the Father Hesburgh, Martin Luther King Jr. statue.

“Dr. King is a national hero and just like our great presidents he’s someone our children learn about and aspire to be like and follow the lessons that he gave our country,” said South Bend Mayor James Mueller.

The traditional march brought together people from all walks of life, including those just learning about Dr. King fight for justice and equality.

“I feel pretty excited. I never went to one of these before so it’s actually pretty cool,” said Quinten Johnson, an elementary student who attended the march for the first time.

“I like learning about Martin Luther King Jr, he was really good to his people,” said Quinten’s sister Nalana Washington,  who also attended the march for the first time.

Alesia King and her two god-children not only participated in the annual march, but also the vaccine clinic and voter registration events held at the Charles Martin Youth Center for the holiday.

 “We’re all encouraging everyone out there to get their vaccination and they’re also registering people to vote, and that’s a good thing. Dr. Martin Luther King would have been proud,” said Gladys Muhammad the Chairperson of MLK Celebration Committee.

Folks I spoke with told ABC57 all of Monday’s event are crucial steps for this community and the rest of the nation.

“Our theme is heal the dream of Dr. King. Heal the dream with truth, justice and love and that what makes America great,” said Muhammad.

“This is completely and totally important because there are future and it’s important for them to learn because they are going to be our future leaders,” added Alesia King.

The larger celebration was set to take place Monday at the Century Center in South Bend but was postponed to February 21st because of COVID concerns.

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