City of Bridgman releases 2017 Visitors Guide

NOW: City of Bridgman releases 2017 Visitors Guide


Wednesday’s reveal of Bridgman’s 2017 Visitors Guidebook is the latest edition of what’s become the go-to platform for area businesses to advertise.

“Every year we put out about 10,000 copies and they go to Weko Beach and Warren Dunes and the New Buffalo Welcome Center, as well as other welcome centers throughout the state, large tourist attractions, our member businesses, anywhere we can think of,” said Calli Berg, executive director of the Greater Bridgman Area Chamber & Growth Alliance.

The 25-page guidebook is geared at selling the greater Bridgman area to you.

“For our members, the ultimate goal is to advertise, absolutely,” said Berg. “To get the word out there about their business and what their proposition is; what they’re offering. For the [Chamber & Growth Alliance], our goal is to try to build that sense of community, to give people an idea of what we’re all about, and to encourage them to come play here, come stay here, and come do business here.”

The 2017 Visitors Guide is a product of the Chamber & Growth Alliance.

It’s an annually released book filled with a who’s who of local businesses, organizations and upcoming events.

Berg said 75 of the chamber’s 137 members paid to advertise in the book this year.

In an interview conducted over FaceTime because she was in Lansing for a meeting, Berg said the guide is seeing consistent growth, and she explained why she thinks the book helps her and her team sell Bridgman as an up-and-coming community.

“We’re a beach town in southwest Michigan, but we are also a year-round community and we offer every kind of business opportunity and every type of service and business that you may wish to have as a resident,” said Berg. “And we’re hoping that that word gets out.”

The release event – at D’agostino’s Italian Restaurant in Bridgman Wednesday evening – also allowed those who paid to be in the book the chance to hand out their 2017 marketing materials.

If your organization wants to be featured in next year’s edition, you can apply here

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