City of Elkhart making plans to stay ahead of coronavirus

ELKHART, Ind. – In response to growing concerns with COVID-19, the City of Elkhart has constructed a plan of action to stop the spread of the virus. The City will update their plans as needed if more information comes out about the Coronavirus.

The current policies the City of Elkhart has put into place are:

  • Cancelling or rescheduling events of 75 people or more
  • Implementing sanitizing procedures for all buildings and facilities to meet guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Cancelling all city meetings except City Council, Board of Public Works, Redevelopment Commission, Parks & Recreation Board, and those required to comply with state statutes
  • Rearranging the Council Chambers at City Hall to maintain social distancing
  • Encouraging employees to stop non-essential travel outside the county and are not to travel outside Elkhart County for work purposes
  • Cancelling parks and recreations activities including the Tolson Center
  • Ensuring those most vulnerable to the virus have access to safety protocols as given by the CDC
  • Encouraging residents to purchase supplies in moderation so there is enough for everyone
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