Elkhart council members discuss House Bill 1134

NOW: Elkhart council members discuss House Bill 1134


ELKHART, Ind -- Indiana House Bill 1134 is now at the hands of the state Senate.

House Bill 1134 was proposed earlier this year asking educators to do many things one being to have lesson plans available and approved by parents before the school year.

It’s an idea that’s caused controversy since it was released because many think it will take power from teachers.

"As a parent if you disagree you can just go to a teacher and talk to them. You can have a conversation with that teacher about a book that’s being read or an assignment that’s being done and they can talk to you and you can work through it," said Elkhart parent Janine Doot.

On Monday, council meeting first district councilman Aaron Mishler sponsored the proposed resolution against the house bill.

On Tuesday, he and fellow members will have the opportunity to address their concern for teachers, parents, and most importantly students.

"We feel that this bill, House Bill 1134 is bad for teachers, it’s bad for students, it’s bad for librarians and it’s bad for the economy of Elkhart," said Elkhart First District Councilman Aaron Mishler.

One retired teacher who’s now a councilman, is also backing his fellow teachers, saying he doesn’t want to see it pass.

"Even though they have taken some of the more stringent language out, i guess watered it down, it still smacks in the face of education and what we’re trying to accomplish for our kids," said Elkhart Fourth District Councilman Dwight Fish.

"Now it’s time for the city councils of the cities of Indiana to step and take a stand with our public educators," said Elkhart teacher Krista Riblet.

The city feels this opportunity to sit at the table with legislators is their opportunity to fight for Elkhart students and those in favor of the senate not approving House Bill 1134.

"They realize that the bill was not one that was going to help them be effective teachers so they came out and spoke against it in full force and we were glad to see that and I think that the majority of education out in Elkhart County probably feels the same way," said Arvis Dawson Elkhart City Council President.

If the state senate decides to approve the bill some parents say they aren’t willing to stick around for the results.

"Honestly if this bill passes to us it’s an attack on education and for the future of our kids so we have already started looking for property in Michigan because there’s really no reason to stay if we don’t agree with the way educations going to be moving forward," said Doot.

As of now council members will await the decision from the state senate to reconsider the bill.

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