City of Elkhart to open warming center Thursday at Elkhart Central Fire Station

Bitterly cold temperatures are taking over Michiana over the next 48 hours.

And for many it comes to just the bare necessity of finding a roof over their heads to stay warm.

The city has set up an emergency warming shelter which opens Thursday at 8am.

When it’s this cold, a little heat can go a long ways.

Russ Clevinger lives in dorm at Faith Mission in Elkhart.

“I live over in the dorm, and every night it’s filled up with people that are homeless and they are trying not to freeze to death, so I understand,” said Clevinger.

Clevinger understands because he’s been there.

Only weeks ago, he had nowhere to stay, so he turned to Faith Ministries.

November through May, Faith Ministries, through their Amnesty Program, offers free meals and beds to those in need.

Mike Perez is the Development Director.

“If it’s below freezing, we have a warming center here open to the public all day long. Even if you are not part of the amnesty program or mission, you can still can come in and go to the warming center,” said Perez.

What about those who have nowhere to go?

Lieutenant Bill Sullivan has been with the Elkhart Fire Department for 15 years.

“Anytime you have stuff exposed to the cold weather, we are worried about people getting frostbite or frost-nip,” said Sullivan.

That’s why the city and Mayor Tim Neese have decided to put the temporary warming shelter in place at the Central Fire Station.

The shelter will be open during business hours Thursday, from 8am to 5pm.

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