City of Mishawaka continues fixing up sewer piping beginning September 14

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – The City of Mishawaka will continue its work on the 10th annual Cured in Place Pipe Sewer Rehabilitation project. There will be lane restrictions while the work is being done, beginning September 14th.

CIPP is a trenchless construction method where a liner in installed in an existing sewer pipe and is as strong and durable as a new piece of pipe once cured.

On rare occasions a distinctive resin-like odor can be smelled in nearby homes and businesses, which isn’t dangerous and will fade away when exposed to air.

To be proactive, owners are asked to fill any floor drains and traps with a bucket of water to reduce the possibility of an odor.

An interactive map of the locations being worked on can be viewed here.

Sewer lining crews will be working on the following areas and dates:

  • September 14th – E. Third St. between Merrifield Ave. and Wenger Ave.
  • September 15th – Clay St. between W. Edgar St. and W Lowell Ave.
  • September 15th – W. Broadway between Calhoun St. and Webster St.
  • September 16th – E. Sixth St. from Main St. to Dead End
  • September 17th – Normandy Dr. from Leyte Ave. to Bastogne Ave.
  • September 17th – Normandy Dr. from Palau Ave. to Ardennes Ave.
  • September 18th – Marrett Dr. from Norfolk Ct. to Bennington Dr.
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