City of Mishawaka wins 4th Annual Red Kettle Ring Off

A familiar ring on this day of giving

 A 12-hour battle between two cities 

Leaders of Mishawaka and South Bend stepping up to the kettle to raise money for over 1,000 families in need in St. Joseph County.

Dave wood, the Mayor of Mishawaka, has been involved since day one.

“A little bit of bragging rights involved in it but the winners here are the citizens who are in need. That’s why we do this. While we try to make this in to a friendly competition, it’s all to help more and more families. That’s the goal here,” said Wood.

Meg Sauer is with the Salvation Army

“I think more than anything it raises awareness. Put a dollar in, it’s amazing the build up in the six weeks we have,” said Sauer.

 The Salvation Army is the driver behind the local event, which is now in its fourth year.

“When you hear a bell we ask you to think about the hungry child, think about the child who won’t have the present to open up,” said Sauer.

 For community leaders the friendly competition is all about ringing the bell.

South Bend Fire Chief Stephen Cox loves being involved.

“The community came out with donations to help people in need, that’s the most important thing,” said Cox.

Mishawaka won the 2016 battle by a close margin.

A total of over $3,000 was raised in the 12-hour ring off between the two cities.

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