City of South Bend appointee discusses new position

NOW: City of South Bend appointee discusses new position

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Maurice “Moe” Scott, the Director of Community Initiatives for the City of South Bend, talked about having programs in place to reduce violence in the community and help at-risk teenagers.

The position was recently created by new South Bend Mayor James Mueller in an effort to provide intervention programs for people in the community.

Scott said that money from a grant of $350,000 will go to the programs that apply for funding.

Scott served as a leader for the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in South Bend for 20 years, and he says he wants to tackle the issue of violence facing South Bend.

“We’re going to have some funding opportunities for programs in the community,” Scott said, “dealing with violence reduction, violence prevention or intervention so we want to take a look at those programs and over the next 30 days we want to come up with a process on how we’re going to be able to help financially with some of these programs.”

Scott also said that he will put a team together that reviews applications for programs that request funding.

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