City of South Bend lifts travel advisory

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The city of South Bend has lifted the travel advisory effective 6:00 p.m. on Friday night.

Some areas of South Bend are still flooded and residents are advised to use caution while driving, or traveling in areas with high water levels.

The St. Joseph River has receded to 11 feet as of 5 p.m., but the water level is still above the previous record and will remain so for the foreseeable few days.

The following roads remain closed:

- Angela Blvd. from North Shore Blvd. to Michigan St.

- Buckhorn St. from Carroll St. to Pulling St.

- Northside Blvd. from Sample St. to 20th St.

- Riverside Dr. from Lafayette Blvd. to Michigan St.

- Riverside Dr. from Marion St. to Bartlett St.

Residents who notice flooding or damage done to public infrastructure are asked to report it to 311.

Any residents who have home or business damage due to the flood are asked to report it to the St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency at 574-235-9378.

If you are choosing to take care of damage yourself, officials are urging you to report in order for accurate requests when seeking federal funds for disaster aid from EMA.

Belongings damaged by the flood can be requested for pickup via 311 at no extra charge, and Solid Waste is aware of missed regular pickups which will begin again next Monday.

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