City of South Bend preps for Mayor Pete announcement

NOW: City of South Bend preps for Mayor Pete announcement


SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- On Thursday, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg released a video teasing a major announcement about his presidential campaign scheduled for April 14th. That announcement is expected to add to the nearly 300,000 people visiting South Bend for the Notre Dame Blue/Gold game on April 13th.

"We are used to that kind of activity," said Ken Garcia, Digital Communication & Media Liaison for South Bend Police. "We will do what we always do and make sure that everyone who is coming to attend wherever the event takes place is going to be safe and we’ll make sure it stays that way."

There has not been a venue set for the announcement, but officials from the Century Center says they are ready if their number is called for the announcement. 

"We can adjust pretty quickly if we have the space available, we can plan for something like this," said Leanna Belew, General Manger for the Century Center. "I don’t speculate that it would be a huge set up. The media part would be the biggest part." 

Hotels in the area are booked for the Blue/Gold game on Saturday, but they are excited for the potential for more business on Sunday.

"We’re full Friday and Saturday basically, so Sunday we’ll have full staff here taking care of people who are still be in the building for breakfast and hopefully this will cause us to get some more business but we’ll definitely be prepared." said David Waymire, General Manager for the Double Tree Hotel. 

ABC 57 reached out to Mayor Pete's campaign for comment but has not received a response yet. 

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