City of South Bend to install 13 speed humps on residential streets

Photo credit City of South Bend/Facebook

Several roads in South Bend will be closed for approximately 2 weeks while speed humps are installed. The speed humps are designed to slow traffic and make streets safer.

They anticipate the project to be complete by the end of October, weather permitting.

Roads that will be closed for installation of the speed humps.

  • Foster Street from Peashway Street to St. Vincent Street
  • Lathrop Place between Riverside Drive and Inglewood Place
  • Lawrence Street from Peashway Street to St. Vincent Street
  • Napoleon Street from Lawrence Street to St. Louis Boulevard
  • Pokagon Street from Leeper Avenue to Lawrence Street
  • South Street from Michigan Street to Lincolnway East

“We reached out to residents to better understand their concerns and where the speed humps were needed,” says Kara Boyles, city engineer. “It is a physical and appropriate solution to reduce speeding, encourage responsible driving and enhance safety on residential streets.”

The speed hump design follows the Institute of Transportation Engineers' Guidelines for the Design and Application of Speed Humps. The humps are 22 feet long in the direction of travel so emergency vehicles do not 'bottom out' or get caught in a short speed bump.

Traffic volumes, speed studies, site visits, surrounding area characteristics and a signed petition showing neighborhood support are some of the factors used to determine if a traffic calming measure is needed. Residents can submit traffic concerns in their neighborhoods by filling out a Traffic Concern Form at

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