City to add stop signs, speed humps to Walnut Grove area

Tuesday morning South Bend's Public Works Board approved a “traffic calming plan” for the Walnut Grove area, recommended by the city engineer.

Residents there have complained about ongoing speeding throughout the neighborhood.

They said drivers come off of McKinley and Jefferson Blvd and speed down 27th Street—causing several car accidents over the years.

In response the city of South Bend temporarily shut down 27th Street in November, as they worked to find a solution.

Tuesday, the public works board approved a recommendation to add stop signs to the area. The city will also add flashing speed limit signs that alert drivers of their speed. Speed humps will also be added this spring, when the ground warms up. However, 27th Street will be reopened once stop signs are posted.

Some neighbors are upset by this decision; others are like Mary Fisher are relieved to hear the news.

“I didn't see that closing 27th Street solved the problem. All it did was move the problem. And really it made things a little more dangerous,” Fisher said.
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