Clay Fire uses holiday decoration to warn of preventable fires

Clay Fire has taken on a big challenge this holiday season, and they need the community’s help

The task is simple, to avoid preventable fires.

The department is keeping track of preventable fires on a special holiday wreath.

“It was turned on this morning on Thanksgiving, and it goes through New Years Day,” Deputy Fire Marshal Ron Melser said.

The wreath starts out with all red light bulbs, but the bulbs are changed as preventable fires happen.

“Every time we get one of those fires that could have been a preventable fire, we change the bulb to a white one,” Melser said.

Melser say preventable fires can be a big problem around the holidays.

“A lot of people leave the kitchen without watching their food being cooked. They leave candles burning,” Melser said.

The department also recommends being careful around fireplaces.

“The biggest thing is at the beginning of the season call a chimney sweep and have it inspected, have it cleaned,” Melser said.

Clay has been doing the wreath for seven years, and they still have yet to have it completely red by  New Years.

“It’s still all red right now and hopefully it will stay that way,” Melser said.

The wreath can be followed on Clay Fire’s social media.

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