Clay High School community looking at legal action

SAINT JOE COUNTY, Ind. --- Legal proceedings are now on the table for the Clay Township community. 

“I am trying anything I can to save Clay,” says Jennifer Fox, a Clay High School parent and strong advocate for saving the school from closing.

The ‘Save Clay group’ says this is their next step in making their voices heard and opposing the possible closure of Clay High School in two years. 

Before Tuesday, members raised their concerns in numerous community meetings, as well as to the school board directly just last week. 

“A lot of citizens that have gone to the microphone feel that decisions have already been made; that the school board has tuned them out and is not, maybe listening, but not incorporating what they’re trying to say,” says Robert Smith, former principal of Clay and organizer of Tuesday's 'Save Clay' meeting. 

Pete Agostino, a local attorney, provided options that would help to at least slow down the process. The option that seemed to nod the most heads was to file an injunction. 

“It takes commitment from the community to do this, it takes a lot of financial planning,” says Pete Agostino, Attorney at Anderson, Agostino & Keller. 

He warns the group that it takes time and money, but parents and advocates say they are going to do whatever it takes to have a fight in the battle and keep Clay High School open. 

“I think there’s hope,” Fox says. “I think there’s a way to at least slow it down to give us more time to get the community more involved.”  

“We’re not done yet, but we’re going to continue the struggle no matter how far it goes,” Smith assures. 

The group will be meeting again next Tuesday to discuss how they may move forward with filing an injunction. The South Bend school board makes the final vote on whether or not the corporation will adopt the suggested master plan on the 17th. 

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