Clay High School hosts annual multicultural talent show

NOW: Clay High School hosts annual multicultural talent show

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Clay High School hosted its annual Multicultural Talent Show on Friday. The event celebrated the unique talents and cultures that make up Clay High School.

The event was kicked off with a presentation of a check for $4,500 made by Eckrich and Martin's Supermarket. Students and faculty at the school then showed off their diverse talent through singing, dancing, and rap. 

"I love how all colors around this school can just come together, celebrate," said senior, Quin'Shawn Gordon. "We have issues here and there, like any normal family, but we all love each other and this really brings us all together," said Hunter Aker, another senior. 

This year's theme was "Ordinary People," and was used as away to show that anyone, not just performance arts students, could show off their unique talents and be celebrated for their diversity. 

"We’re  united, we’re together," said senior Jackson Jones.  "There’s a lot of nonsense that people show about Clay but it’s really on the inside."

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