Cleanup planned for Earth Day

Earth Day on Wednesday was a day focused on making South Bend more green friendly area.

The event was an Earth Day cleanup that revamped the Renaissance District.

Students with the Crossing Educational Center partnered with Leadership South Bend/Mishawaka, along with the Union Station Technology Center and the Kroc Center.

“We have about 200 volunteers coming out today to help clean up South Bend. We're planting trees, painting fire hydrants, and cleaning up trash. We have a big area. We're covering close to 60 blocks," said J.T. Hooks, Campus Administrator of The Crossing Educational Center.

The event is to prepare South Bend up its upcoming 150th birthday celebration coming up in May.

“It's going to look great. We're going to start transforming South Bend and making it look great and this is just the starting point to it,” Hooks added.

The people who came out to help believe in South Bend and making it a better place to live.

“Everybody that's coming in is just volunteering their time, and taking time out of their busy work schedules, and class time for some of our students, just to kind of give back to South Bend,” said Hooks.

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