Close to record cold Sunday

SOUTH BEND, IN - This weekend, temperatures will be taking a plunge, but how cold does it need to be to break a record?  Prepare to wear the layers this weekend because Sunday, both highs and lows, are in the running to break the top 3 coldest.  

Take a look at Fig. 1, which highlights the top 3 coldest lows & highs for February 15th.  Even though it does not look like we will be breaking the coldest low Sunday, the forecasted low of -4° could be replacing the -3° low for third place.  As for the coldest highs on record, we are within a two-degree range to take the number 1 spot set back in 1920, which could be easily done depending on the cloud cover we see on Sunday.  The forecasted high for Sunday is a frigid 8°, so if you have any plans for the second half of the weekend, be sure to bundle up.  As always turn to ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood forecast for continuing coverage as the arctic blast returns to Michiana.    

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