Cloudy and cool weekend; bit of drizzle possible tonight

NOW: Cloudy and cool weekend; bit of drizzle possible tonight

It's a cloudy weekend, but you should find some dry time to get out for any holiday shopping or festivities.

This morning the ground is still a bit damp from yesterday. Temperatures are in the lower 30s early this morning.

Most of today is dry, although a little bit of drizzle or a light rain shower are possible later in the day.

Temperatures dip into the mid 30s tonight. Drizzle should stop overnight.

Sunday is also mostly dry, although an isolated light rain shower can't be ruled out.

Monday is a bit nicer, with a little bit of a break in the clouds.

Tuesday is dry, but it becomes windy.

Rain starts Tuesday night, and likely lasts through Wednesday.

Temperatures drop for Thursday and Friday, so additional precipitation those days is likely snow or a rain/snow mix.

Today: Mostly cloudy. Drizzle. High 40.

Tonight: Cloudy. Drizzle. Low 36.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Chance isolated shower. High 42.

Monday: Partly cloudy. High 42.

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