Coach Brian Kelly discusses upcoming season

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- Notre Dame's head football coach Brian Kelly briefed the media on the upcoming season Friday. Kelly says he's looking for players to step up and become leaders on the field and for the offense to kick off what he hopes will be a championship season.

“There's such great expectations. They are high every year. We recognize that," said Kelly.

A new season means a clean slate.

“There's such great tradition and we appreciate that, and I think that's what energizes all of our players and coaches and everybody as we embark on another season here at Notre Dame," said Kelly.

The team begins training camp Monday at the Culver Academies.

“We like the facilities, the geography, as well as things that we can do with our team there that is going to allow us to continue to grow with our team," said Kelly.

Kelly hopes to see some players stand out.

“I don't look to name any captains right away but we are seeing players emerge in leadership roles," said Kelly. "A lot of those guys have experience and a lot of those guys are our best players, and that's always the best form of leadership within your ranks.”


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