Coach Kelly asking ACC to review questionable hit

NOW: Coach Kelly asking ACC to review questionable hit

The Irish are coming off a big win over Michigan State on the road, but one play from that game has Head Coach Brian Kelly fired up and he's asking the Atlantic Coast Conference to review a questionable hit.

During a press conference Tuesday, Coach Kelly praised the team and said they're looking ahead to this weekend's game against Miami of Ohio.

He also expressed his disappointment in the "No-Call" of targeting on a hit on quarterback Brandon Wimbush in Saturday's game against Michigan State.

"We turned it in. We had it evaluated, and obviously felt that they missed that call," Coach Kelly said.

The Irish were up 14-7 in the first quarter when Wimbush was hit helmet to helmet by Spartan's linebacker Chris Frey.

"It's extremely frustrating as a head coach in this profession that you see -- where I really have a hard time with this whole targeting rule in itself is that young men don't get many opportunities to play this game. I think I was watching a game on the way back on the bus, and there was a young man thrown out of the game trying to make a tackle, just trying to make a tackle. And then we have this instance when this young man was not trying to make a tackle. We can't seem to get that right, and we have a replay official that is supposed to be looking for that. That is extremely frustrating when somebody has to be thrown out of a game trying to make a tackle, somebody is still in the game, and he's not trying to make a tackle," Coach Kelly said.

Wimbush was not injured in the play.

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