Coach Kelly's got faith

NOTRE DAME – The Fighting Irish are 0-2 for the season, but on Tuesday Head Coach Brian Kelly wasn’t down on his team.

“I like our football team. I like our players.  I like the way they compete. I like the way that they prepare,” said Kelly.

Kelly of course said he’s unhappy the record isn’t opposite. “Certainly disappointed at the wins to this point,” said Kelly, but he knows he has a good team under his watch.

“I think we have the chance to be a really good football team. We’re not, I get that. I don’t see any need to make any drastic moves or change. We’re going to continue to do what we’ve been doing,” said Kelly.

That’s of course minus the loosing.

This week’s opponent doesn’t get any easier. Michigan State is the reigning Big Ten Champs, but Kelly said the team is looking forward to the match.

 “After playing in front of 114,000, in a very difficult environment, our guys get another challenge. Which they’re looking forward to and that is playing against Michigan State,” said Kelly.

Kelly said he told his players he doesn’t think it’s the other teams that are the issue.

He told them, “You haven’t won a game yet, but you haven’t been beaten. Last year we were beaten,” said Kelly.

Kelly said he’s convinced this team has got something special.

“I’ve coached almost 250 football games. I can feel and see the team coming together. They’ve got to take care of the football. They’ve got to execute better and they will,” said Kelly.

And while it’s never good to lose, there’s a chance to redeem themselves this Saturday.

“We’re all disappointed. It’s not acceptable to lose, especially at Notre Dame. We’re on the journey that I’m excited about,” said Kelly.

Saturday’s game is set for 3:40 p.m. at Notre Dame Stadium.

There are few injuries to the roster that the team will have to work around. Tight End Mike Ragone is going to have ACL surgery and will be out for the rest of the season. Danny Spond is suffering from a hamstring injury that leaves his participation in Saturday’s game questionable.

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