Coaches believe Malik Zaire is prepared for season challenges


Malik Zaire is jumping into the driver’s seat this year for the Fighting Irish and coaches believe that after some key work in the off-season he is prepared for the challenges to come.

"You know going through this experience like I have, I've learned to be a lot more patient. It's been a lot of learning. I never understood what a dual threat quarterback really is. If you're able to sustain plays and keep on your feet in the pocket, those are the things that continue drives,” said Notre Dame Quarterback Malik Zaire.

That patience has paid off, but preparation wasn't an easy road. Despite a two touchdown postseason outing against Louisiana State University, coaches say Zaire still had some things to work on.

"Ball placement, touch, things like that, he gets a little big. I think he's already made some real good progress. Here’s a guy that can throw it and run it. But you gotta win football games, you gotta lead. You gotta do it right both on and off the field,” said Notre Dame Head Football Coach Brian Kelly.

Strides have been made and although Zaire is an exceptional runner, Coach Kelly believes he can also be a game changer through the air.

“Look, I think he throws it pretty good for a college football quarterback,” said Kelly.

Coaches are aware that if the Irish hope to meet championship expectations, Zaire will have to be in top form.

Zaire's teammates also speak highly of him, especially his receiving corps, which will be key in helping him and the offense take off this season.

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