Coaches react after Irish upset Spartans

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Immediately following Saturday night's game, Coach Kelly spoke to the media about how well his team did.

He talked about how big plays needed to happen in order to beat the strong defense of Michigan State.

"When you talk about big plays for us, you know, runs and passes, we felt like if we didn't get enough of those, it was gonna be a tough sledding day for us because they're so tough up front that bring so many different pressures," said Coach Kelly.
And, while the Irish coaching staff was pretty happy with their win, Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio was not.
"We didn't run the football, didn't protect the quarterback very well, thought we had some drops, need to have more explosive plays on offense, didn't get in the red zone," said Coach Dantonio.
Dantonio is now in his 6th year of coaching at the school.


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