Coast Guard reminds boaters of safety for Boat Safety Week

It's National Boat safety Week, and the Coast Guard is reminding boaters to play it safe. 

They say prepping a boat for an emergency is just as important as any other maintenance. 

Boatswain's Mate in the U.S. Coast Guard, Nathan Milewski is stationed on Lake Michigan, and wants boaters to be prepared. 

“We really want boaters when they go out to have all their required safety gear on board the vessel,” Milewski said.

He recommends double checking that the boat has enough life jackets, flares and lights for night.

Dirk Kruger, of Bridgman, has been sailing competitively for 15 years, and agrees with the Coast Guard's advice.

“I leave a life jacket when I leave the dock and wear it when I come back,” Kruger said. 

Milewski recommends that if boaters have questions, they visit their nearest Coast Guard auxiliary station for a free safety check, and that they watch the weather closely.

“This particular corner of Lake Michigan it kicks off really fast,” Milewski said.
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