Cold weather causes chaos and creates a phenomenon

NOW: Cold weather causes chaos and creates a phenomenon

Frigid air is sweeping the country and even our southern-most states are dealing with winter weather and sub-freezing temperatures!

As of yesterday, all 50 states had either snow or sleet on the ground. Now, videos are surfacing, showing how people in typically warm environments are dealing.

In Texas, a guy who didn't have an ice scraper opted to use a spatula instead. A semi truck was no match against black ice, knocking a utility pole right out of the ground, in Dallas. That's not the only place there was black ice, a road worker slipped on ice in Florida! The ice caused major traffic around the city.

It's been seven years since they've had temperatures this cold.

Last but not least, this morning, beach goers spotted something rare in Gulf of Mexico, it’s a phenomenon that we are calling "sea smoke". It was caused when 22 degree air swept over the 64 degree gulf water.

When it did, the water vapor just above the ocean quickly condensed in the cold air, creating steam fog.

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