Colfax Ave. reopens in DTSB ahead of Saturday's game

NOW: Colfax Ave. reopens in DTSB ahead of Saturday’s game

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Part of Colfax Avenue is finally back open just in time for the game on Saturday!

The stretch of Colfax Ave. between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Main Street had been closed for two months.

It reopened Friday evening, meaning less headaches for residents and business owners.

"Once they started, and the road was torn up, our business kind of went down," said Thelma Duran of Cinco Five International. "It’s like you could notice it, you know. We didn’t get as many people anymore, locals didn’t come as much."

Duran has been working at Cinco Five International since it opened 4 years ago.

She says the closure of Colfax Ave. even discouraged customers from ordering take-out meals.

"People were like, ‘oh, we have to cancel our to-go because we can’t access you guys. The road is closed, it’s not convenient for us, we’re just going to go elsewhere,'" said Duran.

The road's reopening isn't only making business owners happy.

"A lot of people after the games come out to eat and stuff so that’ll help with that traffic, so yeah, I’m excited that it’s open," said Notre Dame fan Sunny Sampson of South Bend.

Sampson says navigating Colfax was a hassle during construction, which discouraged her from coming downtown.

"It did a little bit," said Sampson. "But, if I wanted to go somewhere bad enough, I would find a way around," she said laughing.

With Colfax reopening and a home game on Saturday, Duran is excited about seeing the crowds.

Duran is expecting a big crowd this weekend.

Drivers can finally zoom by Colfax Ave. between Main Street and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

That is, following the speed limit.

Drivers should have an easier time getting through downtown South Bend now that the project has wrapped up, especially on game days when the area is usually popping!

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