College Football Hall of Fame opens new exhibit

SOUTH BEND, IND. -- The College Football Hall of Fame has called the City of South Bend home since 1995, and after 15 years it doesn't want to move!

Originally it had hopes of drawing in about 115,000 visitors each year, but that number has been down to just 80,000.  Now it's expected to move to Atlanta in 2013.

But South Bend isn't going to go down without a fight.  Right now Atlanta has 50 percent of the funding for the museum and the College Football Hall of Fame is planning to close at the end of this year, but it is only because it is the end of their contract, so they are hoping so much needed updates to the museum will give them a victory.

College Football Hall of Fame manager Pat McCaffery says this may be his last year to admire the accomplishments of college football's greatest.

"As far as i know it is still up in the air..atlanta does have fundraising activity to move down to atlanta", said College Football Hall of Fame manager Pat McCaffery.

But he says for the sake of his job and the sake of businesses downtown, he sure hopes it won't be.  And Corey Gregerson who lives out of town and is visiting the museum says it should stay put.

"Right across from notre dame come on that is like the heart of football here", said visitor Corey Gregerson.

To attract more college football fanatics, the College Football Hall of Fame has added a new exhibit called X's and O's College Football's Greatest Coaches.

"It was to honor all the greatest college football coaches..the lou holtz's,woody hayes, joe paterno", said McCaffery.

Gregerson says the new exhibit definetly gives South Bend the home field advantage.

"It's eye opening all the stuff's the stuff you wouldn't think you knew until you came here and saw", said Gregerson.

But he doesn't know if it will be enough to score another season in South Bend.

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