Common council approves East Bank high-rise


After months of debate and initial rejection by the council, an ordinance to increase the building height limit as been passed by the council.

The council voted 5-3 in favor of the ordinance from Matthews, LLC

In December, the council rejected the mixed-use building with 12 stories and over 170 feet.

The passed ordinance allows for 9 stories and 150 feet. It includes apartments, a pharmacy and a grocery store.

Daniel Williams lives near the Commerce Center, the site next to where the new building will go. He says he’s been waiting years for a closer grocery store.

 “If you’ve got to walk miles and miles and miles to get to where you’re going it just isn’t beneficial. it’s a shame no bodies got nowhere to go. Its time to have something  closer to me,” said Williams.

Dave Matthews of Matthews, LLC issued this statement:

I love South Bend, the East Bank Island is where my home is, and our firm, Matthews, LLC is dedicated to making South Bend an even greater place to live, visit, start and build companies, work, and raise families. I want to thank the city council for initiating and passing the text amendment to make a more even playing field for developers on the East Bank Island. The growth in our neighborhood will promote more growth in the downtown, and is a benefit to our whole community.

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