Common Council votes 'no' on recovery center rezoning request

NOW: Common Council votes ’no’ on recovery center rezoning request

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- On Monday, the South Bend Common Council voted to not approve a zoning change for a building that a local substance abuse recovery center planned to use as a sober living facility. 

In a 5-3 vote, SBCC President Tim Scott said there are reasons office buildings, like 2610 East Jefferson Boulevard, and homes are zoned differently. The petitioner listed as Richard Patterson requested a zone change from OB Office Buffer District to MF 1 Urban Corridor Multifamily District and sought a special exemption use for Choice Recovery. 

“Once you start down that road it starts eroding the other properties,” Scott said. “And has a detrimental effect on the rest of the properties around there.”

Choice Recovery currently has a facility on Jefferson Blvd. Officials with the group said the proposed location, less than a mile away from their current location, would have been cost-effective and easily accessible.

“Obviously we’re disappointed,” said Alicia Brown, an outreach coordinator for U.S. Addiction Services. 

Choice Recovery said it sought a special exemption use to start a sober living facility at the proposed location. Last week, spoke out neighbors near the proposed facility spoke out against the move claiming it was solely a zoning issue for them. 

“I disagree, I mean obviously there’s many multi-residential locations in that area,” Brown said. “It’s the perfect place however some people just choose the ‘not in my backyard’ route. 

However, people living and working near the current facility told ABC 57 News they are not worried and have no problems with Choices Recovery being so close to them. 

“We’ve been here more than a year,” said Samdy Singh, a convenience store owner on Jefferson Blvd. “We’ve never had a problem with them.”

Brown told the group of employees and supporters after the vote on Monday night that this isn’t the end. 

“The need is here and we’re not going to leave because somebody says not here,” Brown said. “We’re going to find a new place within our city.”

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